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Published: Der Speigel, Time, Newsweek, The Economist,
US-News & World Report, Guardian, Independant, The Guardian, The Times, Der Ziet, Asia Week, South, The Observer Magazine, Marie Claire, Aera, Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Stern, Paris Match, New York Times, L'uisine Nouvelle and many other publications too numerous to list here. (If a more comprehensive list is required please contact either REA or Impact photo library:) see below for url's, 24 years experience

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Japan Inc. >>Link to Full Set of pics>>

Pics that I took in the early 80's Pics I shot whilst working in Japan on and off for the past ten years. The first set is shot in Tokyo, most definetly the city at the end of the world. The second set where shot in Kansai (Kyoto and Osaka)

The fall of Communism in the Soviet Union >>Link to Full Set of pics>>

The first series of photographs were shot in the Soviet Union / Russia between 1989 and 1995. The height of Glastnos & Peristroika (Freedom of Speech & Reconstruction) and the inevitable fall of the 70 year old Communist era.

The Kuril Isles >>Link to Full Set of pics>>

The Kuril Isles are four islands situated near the tip of Hokkaido. Habumae, Shikotan, Iterup and Kunashir. At present they are part of Russian territory, although the Japanese government claims otherwise. It is the main reason why Japan and Russia (former Soviet Union) has never signed a peace treaty acknowledging that World War II ended more than 4 decades ago.

Andrei Chikotila >>Link to Full Set of pics>>

A softlty spoken mild mannered grandfather was concvicted of 52 brutal killings in what made him the world's worst serial killer.

Andrei Chikotilo, 56 shouted and ranted from inside a giant metal cage, as Judge Leond Akubzhanov began to read out the verdict in a packed courtroom in the provincial town of Rostov-On-Don. He was dragged away after a few minutes and beaten up by the guard before being brought back into the room again.

Akubzanhnov, who by Russian law himself decides the verdict, took almost the whole day to read out the full case against Chikatilo. Summing up, he said: "Chikotila enjoyed the feeling of having total control over his victims. He got sexual pleasure from the way he could decide life or death He was like an animal. he literally tore apart his victims limb from limb."
The judge described in horrific detail how the former schoolteacher and committed Communist Party member had lured woman and young children to their death for a period of more than ten years from December 1978 until his final arrest in November 1990.

Chikotila, initially confessed to 55 killings, although three where dropped largely because their bodies were never found.
He told the court "They were like dogs, they followed me everywhere."

Several of the parents and relatives of the victims who where in court for the verdict screamed and broke down as the judge described how their children had died.

Nina Bilovetska, a tall grey haired woman dressed entirely in black whose 12 year old son was mudered by Chikotila in 1987, stood up and started screaming towards the cage.

"I can't forgive him he has taken part of my life away. He doesn't deserve a humane trail. look at him. How can he sit there so calmly?" Several other relatives had to be given sedatives by nurses. But there was no repetition of the drama at the start of the trail, when a group of relatives tried to break through the cage to lynch Chikatilo.

Chikotila was eventualy sentenced to death by Judge Leond Akubzhanov. Traditionally, a Russian on death row is given no advance warning that he is about to be shot.

In a process shrouded in secrecy, he is unexpectedly taken out of his cell and taken to a special building, perhaps in another town, where executions are carried out. After being told all his appeals have failed, he is led into another room and shot at point blank range in the back of the neck by a member of the crack Interior Ministry Troops with a single shot from a pistol.

UK >>Link to Full Set of pics>>

A set of pics that I took in the early 80's in Britain about the class division that still exists in Britain. The pics of the "Upper class" where shot in London and Cambridge and the "Honorable Royal Artillary Club". The Unemployed "Working class" youths where shot in the Northern part of England also Miners Strike 1984-85.

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