Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Drawing exercise

The hands are just practice for a project I'm working on...


libra bear said...

Finally started using your blog huh? Hows life Mr Gordon. Nice drawings by the way.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

beaifull hand phill
very nice render.

Paul said...

really good drawings phil.

Ushnola said...

Nice Phil... Great drawings, they are so life like. Our sister Lauriela loves to draw hopefully one day she meets her goal to become an artist. Check out our blog!!


Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey phil
how are you doing?
yeah I've been doing all the basics again,,, it's funn and much more confidence to do it now..
the course is nice,,i'm really enjoying it..
thnaks dude

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey phil
I don't know anything about max, never used it to animate .. david beer knows about,, ask him..

yeah they suplied the rigs,, nothing to fancy to be honest. very simple stuff.