Thursday, 17 May 2007

National Gallery Project

Cave desideratum

be carfeul what you wish for.... Mr Blair

In Memory of Kaveh Golestan a great friend and former colleague who died in the Iraq War after standing on an anti tank mine. While filming the true war of terror brought to us by the Bush administration and his bedmate Blair.

National Gallery Cut Version

Copyright Philip Gordon 2007

Copyright Philip Gordon 2007

This is part of an animation project set by the National Gallery. We have to produce an animation based on insperation from a painting of our choice.

A bit of background:

Be careful what you wish for: (Latin - Cave desideratum)

Inspired by Madonna of the rocks

I came up with a vision of Lucifer sitting on a pile of skulls on a column of rock at the gates of hell. This is the first original sketch that I created in the gallery.

Who am I, where am I, When Am I, What do I want, what do I want, how am I going to get what I want, what gets in the way of what I want?

I am Lucifer Morningstar the light bringer, one of Gods angels. I am eternally sitting at the gates of hell, ushering in the new arrivals as they speed their way into eternal darkness and loneliness. My purpose? To answer the questions of those who have failed to take responsibility for their actions and welcome in the souls of the fallen. You may ask why? Because that's the way it is... I want for nothing you provide me with all that I need.


I have always been shocked at the way people have used and still use religion as an excuse for their deeds, especially politicians! How can they still be allowed to get away with making such ridiculous statements such as "God will judge me, for my actions". "God made me do it". "It's, God's will" and all the other stupid pathetic excuses for acts they have committed such as Blair’s comments on the Iraq war:

(acting out the part)


Tony Blair believes he will be judged by God and history on whether he did the "right thing" in taking Britain to war against Iraq three years ago. Interviewed by Michael Parkinson, Mr Blair said he "struggled" with his conscience over the decision to join the US-led invasion. Tony Blair: The decision to invade Iraq 'had to be lived with’ More than 100 British servicemen, as well as thousands of Iraqis have died in the continuing insurgency.


Tony Blair is reconciled to the prospect that God and history will eventually judge his decision to go to war with Iraq, and says his decision, like much of his policymaking, was underpinned by his Christian faith.

The idea is that Satan the guardian of the gates of hell or whatever is preening itself (erosion of all life) sitting on a pile of skulls (representing death) and then there is a clang from a till (accountancy) which rings up the seven sins. Satan (the king of sin and lies deceit, a bit like a Politician, bright red... new world order, or New Labour… Human failings) goes and picks up the receipt and waits. A skull falls into it’s hand with only it’s eyes (window to the soul) and brain (to allow it to contemplate it’s actions in darkness for the rest of eternity). The skull mutters "But, God is supposed to judge me!" Satan replies "He already has". Laughs and flings the skull and two eyes (window of the soul) into a bottomless pit of eternal darkness. The trident nail file, (Trident missile system, eroding away the possibilty of life..... an extra :).

Thumbnails and sketches of poses etc..

A special thanks to these people:
Original model created by Model by Rahul Mehta -
Rig by Harshad Bari -
I created all the blendshapes for the facial expressions etc and modified the body somewhat...

Claudia Walde - Who made my background sky

June 11, 2007
Philip Gordon.
St Martins.

By the way I'm not some religous freak (not that I have anything against any religous freak.. of any faith, hey if that's what does it for you enjoy)... im more of a techno hippy freak : )

The skull is one of my first Maya models, it took approx 3 days to make the textures as you can see they are really quick and dirty. We only had about 8 or 9 weeks to make the storboards anamatics modelling rigging (fortunatly i did not have to create this rig or model and only made modifictaions to it :) lighting, animation and so on.......

A few objects for my project.... not 100% done but starting to get there I wish i had time to get more into zbrush I love it! Its the perfect sculpting tool although to be fare i have not ried many and this prog only for a couple of hours. Ill shuv up an example maybe i already did any way I can see so much potential in this tool.

..... whatever happened to drag and drop and all that blah stuff?


Doctor Cerebro said...

amazing stuff, do you like Iron Maiden? Judas Priest? Long live Heavy Metal!

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

phill,,, the second image is really cool ,,,you got such nice bone text, eyes as well...congratulations

G.O.D. said...

Hey, Philip. if possible, try to post updates abt what u r doing. also, if any problems arise mail me.