Sunday, 6 May 2007


Animation project set by the National Gallery based on insperation from a painting of our choice.
Madonna of the rocks by Leonardo appears to have stimulated my crackpot mind a wee bit more than the others :)

A special thanks to these two guys:

Original model created by Model by Rahul Mehta -

Rig by Harshad Bari -

I created all the blendshapes for the facial expressions etc and modified the body somewhat...


G.O.D. said...

Really Nice. I like the concept. Looking forward to the final output. The pose is good and the Trident suits him.

Btw, heres the info abt the model and rig:
Model by Rahul Mehta -

Rig by Harshad Bari -

Thanx for putting the character to good use...

Anonymous said...
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